Month January 2016

What is Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?

In a recent New York Times article, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that the number of centenarians – those who 100 years old or even older – has increased by 44% since the year 2000. And they aren’t alone.Creative Care Pharmacy Medication Therapy

Our population is living and thriving well into older age thanks in no small part to medical advancements, medication therapy, and countless professional and family caregivers. With an aging population comes more and more medications, many of which are the source for such longevity. However, managing medications can become difficult as the number of pills or even injections per day grows and caregivers become responsible for care in place of their loved ones.At Creative Care Pharmacy, we have seen first-hand the difficulties patients and their caregivers face when it comes to managing medications. Patients have come to us unsure of what they are supposed to be taking, eventually discovering that they have been taking too much of dangerous medications. Others, such as caregivers, have come to us distraught when they have discovered that their loved ones have not been taking life-saving medications correctly or even at all.

Pharmacists are ideal for addressing these issues. As the most accessible health care provider and the medication experts, we are perfect for providing medication therapy management for our patients. The chart to the left describes in technical detail what medication therapy management is. We, however, believe that medication therapy management can be distilled down into providing better care for a better you.Phong and David, our Creative Care Pharmacist team, are well-trained in providing medication therapy management as described by the American Pharmacists Association, the premier authority on medication therapy management. As patient or caregiver, they can work with you one-on-one to select the best, safest, and most cost-effective medication therapies. They will continue to monitoring your medications, and will even contact your physician with safety or efficacy concerns. This comprehensive consult service can even include monthly pill box fills in order to help you stay on track. From experience with our medication therapy management patients, we have found the MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer as seen on the right to be highly effective for patients who take multiple prescriptions every day.


If you are a patient or caregiver and are having difficulties with managing your medications, please feel free to contact us at 405-562-1800 to learn more about our medication management services and our monthly pill box fills. We are here to guide you through your medications, coach and support you during your times of need, and provide the creative care you deserve. At Creative Care Pharmacy, it’s all about better care for a better you!


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