Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

The Alzheimer’s Association reports over 5 million people in the United States have Alzheimer’s1. With such a large number of people affected by this disease, it is important to know the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and what can be done to treat this challenging disease.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that typically effects the elderly population and causes memory problems as well as difficulty thinking along with many other symptoms. Identify the early signs/symptoms of an alzheimer patient and help seek treatment sooner and begin to prepare for your future. Currently there is no cure for Alzheimer’s but there are treatment options to help you cope with the symptoms of the disease.

The staff at Creative Care Pharmacy wants to be sure you are educated about Alzheimer’s. Typically the warning signs of Alzheimer’s are more noticeable to the caregivers and loved ones of someone who may be suffering from this disease. It is important that caregivers are aware of the warning signs so they may help someone who might be in the early stages seek treatment before the disease advances.

10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s2:

  1. Memory loss such as forgetting important dates or asking for the same information over and over.
  2. Changes in ability to plan or work with numbers.
  3. May experience difficulty in performing daily tasks or driving to a familiar location.
  4. Unable to remember time or place such as having difficulty remembering where they are or how they got there.
  5. Difficulty reading or processing visual images such as not recognizing their own reflection in the mirror; may think that someone else is in the room with them.
  6. May have trouble continuing a conversation or may repeat their words during a conversation.
  7. Unable to find lost items by retracing their steps and may accuse others of stealing.
  8. Poor judgment or problems with decision-making. For example, giving large amounts of money to telemarketers.
  9. Avoidance of social situations due to their changes in memory.
  10. May experience depression, fearfulness, anxiety or confusion.

These warning signs are used in conjunction with tests given by skilled physicians to help determine if you have Alzheimer’s or if something else is causing the memory loss.

You may wonder if Alzheimer’s is preventable?

According to the National Institute on Aging, there are a few lifestyle changes you can make to help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, however there is no consensus within the scientific community on what changes are better or if any actually can prevent the onset of the disease. What scientists do agree on is that eating a healthy diet, controlling diabetes, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and exercising can lower your risk of chronic diseases that may contribute to Alzheimer’s3.

Once a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is made, your physician will consider medication therapy based on the symptoms and stage of disease. These medications are used to treat the symptoms and help you live a better life. The following medications are currently approved for use in people with Alzheimer’s disease: Aricept® (donepezil), Razadyne® (galantamine), Namenda® (memantine), Exelon® (rivastigmine) and Cognex® (tacrine)4. Let us know if you would like to talk to a Creative Care Pharmacy staff member to learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease.

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A Glimpse of Our Services

            At Creative Care Pharmacy we aim to be the standard full-service retail pharmacy in Oklahoma City. We offer most typical prescription medications. For the rarely dispensed medications we can definitely work with you by ordering them or keeping them in stock if you regularly obtain them. We also have a full-line of over-the-counter, herbal, and supplement products. Our staff will be glad to assist you in finding the most appropriate product for you! We want to be sure it is exactly what you need and the best option for the price. We are an Rx HealthMart affiliated pharmacy so we have our own brand of products that we can recommend to save you money! We believe spending the time to talk to patients is worth it because we know if we treat the right symptoms you will be happy and healthy.  The staff wants that more than anything at the pharmacy, even if it does not result in a sale.

            The pharmacy offers compounding services. We can flavor medications for children, make pills easier to swallow, compound hormone creams, and more. We order our supplies from the Professional Compounding Centers of America to ensure that we use the highest quality ingredients in our patients’ compounds. At Creative Care Pharmacy we believe some of the best care is preventative. Therefore, we offer walk-in immunizations at the pharmacy. We accept insurance that covers the immunization or a cash price if it is not covered by insurance. The pharmacy offers many different types of immunizations so talk to our staff to find out more information.

Creative Care Pharmacy also believes keeping track of your health is important. We offer multiple services to assist you in keeping track of your health and creating a better you. We have a PharmaSmart blood pressure machine that has a patented cuff design to measure the blood pressure of most of the population. You can obtain a card that stores your last 10 readings and maintains an online profile with all of your past readings. We know that some patients take multiple medications and this increases the chance for drug and food interactions so we offer medication therapy management services. We want to assist you in avoiding as many interactions as possible. We go over your entire medication profile with you and if we believe there needs to be an adjustment we simply send a recommendation to you physician. We also offer the ScanMed QR cards. These cards maintain your health information on an online HIPAA protected portal. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, EMTs can scan the card to access the health information in order to provide you with the best care. Another way we aim to provide preventative care is by offering risk detection services for strokes and heart attacks. We believe that if you know the factors that contribute to your risk of these major health events, you can make adjustments to you diet, exercise, and medications to decrease your risk as much as possible.

We hope that we offer services that will enable you to be optimize your healthcare needs and ultimately help you to be healthier. We are always researching and developing new and creative ways to provide better care for our patients. Talk to our staff about our services the next time you come visit us!



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Meet the Staff

            The staff at Creative Care Pharmacy is excited to meet and serve the community in north Oklahoma City and south Edmond. We believe that each of one of us bring distinctive skill sets to the pharmacy. The combination of all of our unique traits along with the services we offer allow us to best meet your healthcare needs. Every single of one us would be glad to get to know you and assist you in your health care decisions. We believe that better care will create a better you!

My name is Phong and I graduated with my Pharmacy Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy in 2009. I am the manager and a Co-Owner of Creative Care Pharmacy. If you walk in to the pharmacy and see the top of someone’s head moving back and forth in the pharmacy, it’s probably me… I kind of fall on the short end as far as height is concerned. On another note, I am one of the funniest people you will ever meet! I hope that we get to know each other in a closer manner so I find an opportunity to make you laugh. Although, I am the jokester, I also know the importance of your health and take it seriously. I completed a Community Pharmacy Residency Program at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy after pharmacy school. I gained experience in managing chronic disease states, working one-on-one with patients, educating patients, and implementing creative services to assist with patients’ health. I have also completed compounding courses at the Professional Compounding Centers of America in order to ensure that we compound quality products for our patients. I am eager to meet you and hope to see you soon!

Steven is the Lead Pharmacy Technician. He has over 6 years of pharmacy experience in the retail setting. He is also a nationally certified through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Steven’s experience is valuable to us because it enables the pharmacy to run efficiently and allows us to provide quality care. Steven is versed in pharmacy claims and wants to be sure that your insurances are ran appropriately. If there is ever a question about the cost of a medication, please bring it up to our staff. We want it to be right for you. Also, Steven is knowledgeable of all of our services. Feel free to ask him about any of our services and he will make sure you are taken care of. He has told me many times before that his favorite part of the job is interacting with the patients. It makes his day knowing that he has helped someone.

David is the other Co-Owner of the pharmacy. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy in 2011. He has worked in the retail pharmacy setting and assisted in implementing flu vaccination and brown-bag medication check-up clinics. David is also currently attending graduate school at the College of Pharmacy for a PhD in Pharmacy Administration. He knows that with the PhD he will be best equipped to perform research in the community pharmacy setting. Advancing the profession of pharmacy and finding new and innovative ways to care for our patients is a priority to David.

Please come by because we are glad to introduce ourselves and would love to know more about you!



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Our Location and The Community We Serve

            This morning I enjoyed an early morning commute to the pharmacy and could not help but notice the busyness of the roads, lights popping on for businesses, and joggers and walkers at the local Edmond Dog Park. All of this made me think about how Phong, Steven, and I are excited about the community we serve around the pharmacy. We are located in the Fountain Lake edition in north Oklahoma City within the new OU Physicians at Edmond Clinic; in fact, if you take a few steps north out of our door you would be in south Edmond. We believe we have so much opportunity nestled between 33rd and Memorial Road. Some may not know the interesting fact that 140th street, which is our location, is where North Eastern Avenue becomes South Boulevard Street. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing explaining this to people on the phone, ha!

Across the street from us is the view of a beautiful walking park adjacent to the Tealridge Assisted Living Center. We hope to build a relationship with their residents because of our convenient location and focus on medication therapy management. We hope that the pharmacy will also be useful for the residents at the Fountain Lake Apartments for medications and everyday items as well. Actually, please let us know if there are items you need on a regular basis and we will try to keep them in stock for you. We understand life happens and you need to rush out the door so we would like to ease a burden or two by supplying some items for you. Also, at the corner of Eastern and Memorial there is the Mercy Clinic Primary Care. Fittingly, our location places us between two physician clinics on the same road so that we can serve those patients with their pharmacy needs. We know that there are many other communities around us as well: The Links and Silverhorn Golf Clubs, Oklahoma Christian University, First Baptist Church of Edmond, Orvis Risner Elementary School, and Edmond Memorial High School. If you know of anyone in these communities please let us know. We would love to offer having flu vaccination or brown-bag medication check-up clinics to serve their residents, members and employees.

We have already had the opportunity to mingle with some local businesses. I recently had an eye appointment at TSO Optical and now own a new pair of hip glasses! We have also met some really nice people at Gallagher Benefit Services who helped us meet some insurance needs. The next story is kind of random but Phong and I recently went to Fiat of Edmond on the mile of cars in Edmond off of Broadway Extension (Hwy 77) because his mom received a promotional ad in the mail. The ad had a key on it with a scratch and win possibility. She scratched and it revealed three gold bars. She had the possibility of winning and made Phong go to check on it for her. Well, when we went she did not win the car, but she won a gold coin! So, our visit was a successful one. Also, who loves the new onCue Express at the corner of Eastern and Memorial? Phong and I had to run to a meeting and stopped there before we hopped on the John Kilpatrick Turnpike to I-35 (Route 66). I know for businesses they always stress location, location, location. It seems we have the benefit of a great community of people, businesses, and opportunity and we look forward to developing those relationships in the near future.



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