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Our Location and The Community We Serve

            This morning I enjoyed an early morning commute to the pharmacy and could not help but notice the busyness of the roads, lights popping on for businesses, and joggers and walkers at the local Edmond Dog Park. All of this made me think about how Phong, Steven, and I are excited about the community we serve around the pharmacy. We are located in the Fountain Lake edition in north Oklahoma City within the new OU Physicians at Edmond Clinic; in fact, if you take a few steps north out of our door you would be in south Edmond. We believe we have so much opportunity nestled between 33rd and Memorial Road. Some may not know the interesting fact that 140th street, which is our location, is where North Eastern Avenue becomes South Boulevard Street. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing explaining this to people on the phone, ha!

Across the street from us is the view of a beautiful walking park adjacent to the Tealridge Assisted Living Center. We hope to build a relationship with their residents because of our convenient location and focus on medication therapy management. We hope that the pharmacy will also be useful for the residents at the Fountain Lake Apartments for medications and everyday items as well. Actually, please let us know if there are items you need on a regular basis and we will try to keep them in stock for you. We understand life happens and you need to rush out the door so we would like to ease a burden or two by supplying some items for you. Also, at the corner of Eastern and Memorial there is the Mercy Clinic Primary Care. Fittingly, our location places us between two physician clinics on the same road so that we can serve those patients with their pharmacy needs. We know that there are many other communities around us as well: The Links and Silverhorn Golf Clubs, Oklahoma Christian University, First Baptist Church of Edmond, Orvis Risner Elementary School, and Edmond Memorial High School. If you know of anyone in these communities please let us know. We would love to offer having flu vaccination or brown-bag medication check-up clinics to serve their residents, members and employees.

We have already had the opportunity to mingle with some local businesses. I recently had an eye appointment at TSO Optical and now own a new pair of hip glasses! We have also met some really nice people at Gallagher Benefit Services who helped us meet some insurance needs. The next story is kind of random but Phong and I recently went to Fiat of Edmond on the mile of cars in Edmond off of Broadway Extension (Hwy 77) because his mom received a promotional ad in the mail. The ad had a key on it with a scratch and win possibility. She scratched and it revealed three gold bars. She had the possibility of winning and made Phong go to check on it for her. Well, when we went she did not win the car, but she won a gold coin! So, our visit was a successful one. Also, who loves the new onCue Express at the corner of Eastern and Memorial? Phong and I had to run to a meeting and stopped there before we hopped on the John Kilpatrick Turnpike to I-35 (Route 66). I know for businesses they always stress location, location, location. It seems we have the benefit of a great community of people, businesses, and opportunity and we look forward to developing those relationships in the near future.



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